Our VIP Private Guide service is $150 per hour for any time that he or she is hosting your party of up to 8 guests. We charge $275 per hour for parties of 9 to 18 guests. Certain exceptions apply depending on your party's ages & plans so please contact us for more information.

Because the VIP Private Guide position is one of personal service, we recommend the standard 20% gratuity as a minimum "thank you" amount at the end of your tour. Your bill will have that portion left blank, and the amount filled in is respectfully at your discretion.

Rate Information
We request that your VIP Private Guide be used a minimum of six consecutive hours per day. An exception is always made if your family utilizes our recommended split-day itinerary and if he or she is joining you for the second half (as long as it is a reasonable request). The total VIP Tour hours for this recommended daily plan is typically 6-8 hours depending on the theme park's hours of operation.

There are also a couple of touring situations when we know the day will require less than six hours for an optimal experience, for example Disney's Animal Kingdom, and you are only charged for that day's total duration. The end goal is to provide whatever is best for you and your vacation.

Your VIP Private Guide will be taking great care of everyone in your party all day. We trust that you will be a polite host to them in return and respect that they will doing everything they can to ensure you have the best possible vacation. He or she can be included with your dining plans when with you if you wish. However, they may need to work during these times to prepare for the rest of your day.

There is a cancellation fee of 4 VIP Tour Hours, whichever rate is applicable, plus an additional standard service gratuity of 20% for your Private Guide, should you cancel your VIP Tour with less than 24-hours notice. Our VIP Private Guides rely on their income like everyone else, and canceling with no warning also hurts the other families that we have had to turn away. It is simply not the right thing to do and we are sure you agree. Note: As with everything in life, there will be exceptions made on a case by case basis. We are only after what is fair and appropriate for all involved.

Complimentary Itinerary Planning: Michael's VIPs provides itinerary planning at no additional charge for the dates you are hosted by one of our VIP Private Guides as we consider it an important part of your VIP Tour experience. This includes preparing an optimal itinerary that provides the least crowded parks each morning and evening, very important, and reserving your dining and activities before you arrive. Tip: The crowd levels at each of the Central Florida theme parks vary quite a bit depending on the day of the week, special events, and holidays. Please let us advise you on an optimal order of parks regardless if we are hosting you on all of the days or not. Trust us, it will make a major difference for you and it's our pleasure to help!

Transportation: The fees for your transportation to and from the airport and/or parks are variable and depend on the service and mode of travel reserved: taxi, taxi van, rental vehicle, Town Car, stretch limousine, stretch SUV or Hummer, etc. We know who is dependable with the best quality cars and drivers, and will gladly take care of this for you if desired. Your bill settlement will be between you and the company's driver, and they accept all of the normal means of payment. We can arrange anything, so please be sure to discuss this with your VIP Tour Coordinator. Note: We do not add any additional fees to what we are quoted, nor are we on a paid commission to any of these services.

If your VIP Private Guide drives a rented vehicle for your party, you are expected to pay the rental fee and any operational costs associated with it (i.e. fuel, tolls).