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Do you remember what vacationing was like when you were a child?

You only had to wake up in the morning and it was off to another adventure-filled day. Why was everything so much simpler then? Because your parents did all the work and planning for you!

We at Michael's VIPs invite you to be a kid again when exploring Walt Disney World, the Universal Studios Resort, or SeaWorld. Your VIP Private Guide greets you each day and guides everyone through the parks' best of the best attractions, shows, and dining choices. Maximum fun; minimized waiting, working, and hassles. What could be easier and more memorable?

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VIP Tours

VIP Tour Expectations

We combine these exclusive services to provide The Ultimate Vacation Experience for our guests.

  1. We first learn which parks you would like to visit, and then discuss your family's comfort level, ride experiences, and personal dining preferences.
  2. We use your feedback and comments to design an optimal, fun vacation itinerary. You will visit the parks on their least crowded days of the week, and at their least crowded times of the day. We also recommend the best dining and activity options, and after you approve our plans we take care of all the reservations.
  3. We ensure you have comfortable transportation between the airport and your Resort hotel, as well as for your day-to-day itinerary of places to visit.
  4. Your VIP Private Guide greets you at your hotel or park for your first destination. He or she guides your family through all of the top attractions, ensuring a minimized wait at all times. They begin each day with a mental itinerary of what is best for your party's ages, but never forget that this is your vacation. No plans are 'set in stone,' and their experience allows them to remain as flexible as possible.
  5. You avoid the infamous lines & crowds because your VIP Private Guide knows 'when' to be 'where.' Isn't that how it logically works everywhere? Regardless of how busy the travel season, you will be surprised by how many attractions you experience after only waiting for a few minutes! He or she also ensures you enjoy the best stage shows, parades, and fireworks with optimal viewing.
  6. We at Michael's VIPs consider a 'comfortable pace' to be the most important part of a vacation. We highly recommend splitting the theme park days into two portions. Arrive in the morning to avoid the thickest crowds, remain for a while past lunch, return to your hotel for several hours of rest and relaxation (sleeping, swimming, etc.), and then return for an entertaining evening. We always want what's best for you! You are not charged for this time when your Private Guide is not with you unless they are serving you in some capacity during the break.

Note: We can recommend the least crowded park choices for our guests who are only using our VIP Private Guide service for one day, and this is even more important during the peak travel seasons. We also reserve the best restaurants for you during any hours hosted by us.



We have already begun posting the information on Facebook and in emails for friends to use your service. Thank you again for making our Disney trip one to remember…

Lana B.

It would not have been the magical three days it was without Adam's help. Please thank him for shepherding us through the maze, making sure we avoided lines, and being such a great spirit throughout…

Paul S.
New York, NY

With children 5 and 3 years old, waiting in long lines in the heat was not something I looked forward to and with your help I think our longest wait was 5-10 minutes…

Harry S.
Tupelo, MS

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We lack the necessary room to describe everything we provide for our families because each one is unique.
We do whatever it takes to ensure this vacation is the most wonderful, magical, and memorable as possible!

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