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Our Endorsements


You made our trip spectacular and unforgettable! You thought of every detail and set a whole new standard for visits to Walt Disney World. Michael, David, William, Jessica, Joe (Namath), Susan and I have never had more fun and excitement than our trip with you. Every moment had Disney Magic. Thanks so much for making our trip this time to Disney World a dream come true.

John Hess & family
CEO, Amerada Hess Corporation

I had a grand time with you at Walt Disney World! You are obviously a true expert in your field. I look forward to recommending Michael's VIPs and your excellent service to my friends whenever they are in Orlando. Thank you!

William Shatner

Michael's VIPs takes the stress out of Disney World ensuring the perfect family vacation. On private tours Mike's expertise is combined with his informal approach ensuring an unassuming and 'wait free' vacation. No more looking at maps, running for fast passes, juggling the lines, rides, and restaurants. The crowds simply disappear showing that even Disney can be managed by an expert.

We have been on private tour's with Mike on July 4th weekend, Thanksgiving, and Spring Break and each time leave relaxed. To the kids Mike becomes part of the family as we blend in and remain part of the crowd, yet each time we seem to avoid all the lines and stress. His independence from Disney ensures that he can go above and beyond the norm exceeding all of our expectations. We will never go to Orlando without Mike's help and expertise.

M. S.
Greenwich, CT

This is just a short note - can you please thank Adrian for helping to make our stay in Disney so special. He really helped make the whole holiday so enjoyable. We will be recommending him and Michael's VIPs to all our friends. Once again many thanks!

A. Burns

I know I said this before but I wanted to say it again (and again, and again, and again...!) James was the very best part of our Disney vacation. In fact, my girls (and I) cannot stop talking about him. Actually, both of them say he was their favourite Disney "attraction"!! I echo their sentiment!!

Without James, our trip would have been a nightmare of long lines and heat induced anger. With him, our trip was our best vacation ever! We will never, ever travel to Disney again without him as our "Private Guide." Though I must say that all three of us feel that he is more than our "Guide," he is now our friend (and between you and me, our honourary cousin). Please tell our "Cousin James" that we miss him.

Caroline B. & the girls
Stoney Creek,Ontario

Just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks. Michala was simply terrific and your service met every expectation. We can't wait to return next year and hope to see her again.

P. S.
Darien, CT

We just landed. Thank you so much for giving us so much attention and two of your best Guides -- your service was extraordinary from start to finish! I will be raving about them and your service for a long time! I would be happy to be a reference if ever needed, but I'm sure all of your clients say the same.

Stephanie W.
Old Greenwich, CT

Just again wanted to thank you for the incredible service you provided our family during our Disney Adventure. Dallas and Shay were professional, resourceful, friendly, very fun to be with, and they did your company proud! Thanks and congrats again on an incredible visit to Disney.

Howard L.
Toronto, Ontario

Thanks again for everything. I couldn't express enough my gratitude and the phenomenal work that you did. Christopher was beyond amazing. You all were a true pleasure to meet and I look forward to working with you next year. We will definitely be letting anyone that goes out there know about your services and the wonderful things that you guys do to truly make people's dreams come true.

Cassie R.
Nashville, TN

Christopher, I wanted to shoot you a quick note to thank you for touring us around Walt Disney World. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting you. We would be happy to provide a reference at any time and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Michael E.
Houston, TX

I would like to thank Michael's VIPs for the unforgettable time I spent last week in Orlando with my family. I was a little bit unsure about your capacity to deliver all the services you had proposed but I realized that you are really good. I need to make a special compliment to Christopher, our Private Guide. He is GREAT!!! Very kind, dedicated, and focused on the success of his different challenges to turn his crew’s experiences into unique ones. He did an OUTSTANDING job!!! My wife and children told me they will never forget this trip. Please do not hesitate to call me if you need any kind of formal endorsement about the quality of your services.

Alain L.

Just wanted to let you know that Shay was wonderful and we LOVED your service. It really MADE the trip! It would have been so stressful trying to navigate all of that on our own and I can just envision the arguments and meltdowns that would have occurred without Shay. The kids loved her and we loved her. Thanks to her work, I was able to be on vacation too. I felt like a kid again and got to enjoy the parks with my children and husband - stress free!

Elizabeth H.
Greenwich, CT

I want to send along to you my sincere gratitude for pairing us with Adrian. You could not have picked a more perfect person as our entire family loves him and think we have known him for years. He could be part of our family. In fact, my daughter and granddaughter called me this morning (we are back in Texas now) and asked, “What is on our agenda for today?” and I said I’d have to check with Adrian about that.

We have already begun posting the information on Facebook and in emails for friends to use your service. Thank you again for making our Disney trip one to remember and it will go down as one of our best Christmas trips ever.

Lana B.

Thanks so much. Mark absolutely made our trip! He was warm, delightful, knowledgeable and great with our girls. They just loved him!! We will certainly recommend Michael’s VIPs to our friends.

Joanie Y.
Baltimore, MD

We had such a great time. The kids are still buzzing about it. It would not have been the magical three days it was without Adam's help. Please thank him for shepherding us through the maze, making sure we avoided lines, and being such a great spirit throughout.

Paul S.
New York, NY

Just a quick note to say that we all had a good time at Walt Disney World and thought Christopher did a great job as our Guide! We will definitely recommend your services again.

Terri B.
New York, NY

James, just wanted to drop you a personal note expressing how much my family appreciated your services. You and your company made the trip first class for us. With children 5 and 3 years old, waiting in long lines in the heat was not something I looked forward to and with your help I think our longest wait was 5-10 minutes. I could go on and on about your services but you get the idea. I will never do Disney without your help. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime. Thanks again!

Harry S.
Tupelo, MS

I just want to tell you that my experience with Michael's VIPs tours was absolutely first class in every way. Having Andy with us for a couple of days literally “made” our Disney trip – I can’t speak highly enough of him or your company. If you want a more formal endorsement please let me know.

David G.

I want to let you know that we were very pleased with our guide, James. He made a tremendous difference to our visit. He was organized, diligent, and resourceful. He took the time to understand our interests and wishes and adapt his plans accordingly. He was a pleasure to spend the time with. We will definitely choose to use Michael's VIPs again and will recommend your firm to others.

Tom Bell
New York, NY

Ken wants you to know that they had the best time with Christopher! He was very pleased with the entire day; Chris was very professional, accommodating, prompt and personable. He really appreciated and raved about him. He tried your company out because in September we are planning to have our Incentive trip in Orlando and Ken was so pleased with the job Chris did that we would like to work with you again!

Stacie T.
Johnstown, CO

I would like to thank Mark for making our Disney trip so enjoyable and a great memory for my kids. Would love to reserve him again next time we come out! Everything was so organized and he helped us see and ride everything we wanted to without the stress of lines or even waits at the restaurants. He was also friendly and got along great with my kids! Your service is great and we are recommending it to our friends!

Pam L.
Fort Worth, TX

Our guide was the best. He understood what we needed right away and adjusted accordingly. Our son loved him. He really made the trip. He was knowledgeable and he went the extra mile to make everything perfect. We felt very lucky. We would never go to Disney without using this service. Once you have tried it you realize how easy and fun the whole trip can be. Worth every nickel, really!

New York, NY

I am SO happy we used Michael's VIPs for our trip to Disney. Laura was so knowledgeable and really gave us the best Disney experience we could have hoped for. We brought three kids under the age of 4 and they loved Laura too. We never waited in a line and that was so amazing. She gets and A+ from us! My husband was the one pushing for the guide, and I wasn't sure, but I am so thankful we did. We came home and told everyone that we had a great time at Disney and the best part besides meeting Mickey Mouse was having Laura help us do it!

Nicole K.
Washington DC

Michael's VIPs is a wonderful way to do Disney World! Our guide, Rob, listened to all of our input, which because our twins are 7 1/2 and independent thinkers, changed FREQUENTLY! He was also careful to consult with us about shows (what might be scary or too loud, as my daughter is hearing impaired), and if something didn't sound appealing, he had four backup suggestions. My kids got to do everything their little hearts desired and more. It was a really special trip. Thanks to all of you!

Carmel L.

Absolutely perfect. Adrian is a wonderful, helpful, very efficient guide and incredible with children! He never let me or my boys down. Thank you so much!

E. Brown
New York, NY

Thank you! We all LOVED Laura. It was so nice to be able to just have fun. She took all the stress out of it! Our group really enjoyed all of the parks, and having the afternoons to let the kids swim and rest was really great. Thank you again!

Ashley L.

Thank You for a very special vacation. Chris was so great with the kids that after the first day they wanted to know if he was coming back to the hotel with us, and when we got home from our trip, they asked if they would get to see him again. The kids spent their first night home making drawings and thank you cards for our tour guide? That doesn't happen with regular tour guides! Navigating the parks and avoiding crowds was the service we signed up for, but we really got much, much more. Thanks again.

Carl H.
Minneapolis, MN

What can I/we say, except thank you, thank you, thank you. From day one we realized how valuable your service was/is. Your professionalism and expertise helped to make this one of the most enjoyable and memorable vacations we've had in a long time. The children are calling their friends and boasting about you and all that you did for them. For Marcia and me, placing our visit to Disney World in your most capable hands was a Godsend.

Quite frankly we don't know what we would have done on our own given the vastness of Walt Disney World. Upon arriving, it became crystal clear that had we not enlisted your wonderful service, we would have been overwhelmed, frustrated and the whole vacation would have been spoiled.

Thanks to Michael's VIPs this was not the case. Your services exceeded our every expectation. On the one hand we want to be selfish and keep you all to ourselves; on the other hand we know that would not be fair to our many friends in dire need of this eye-opening experience. Our plan is to let everyone know, so expect quite a number of calls to begin coming your way.

Walter Eddie & family
CEO, The Walt Frazier Youth Foundation

Walt Disney World has been a favorite vacation destination for us for years. Never before had we tried a private tour of the facility. This year, during one of the busiest times of the year, Thanksgiving, we spent three days with a Private Guide from Michael's VIPs. It was outstanding, the finest family vacation that we have ever experienced!

We appreciated his knowledge of the parks, including the best times to visit the rides, and his ability to cater to all age groups and special family issues. My four year old son will never forget this outing, as well as my 64 year old father! From the advanced reservations with the character meals to the “flow” of the day, nothing was overlooked and every detail of every need was attended to.

I enthusiastically recommend Michael's VIPs to anyone looking for a Walt Disney World vacation. My endorsement is without any reservation.

Brook Valenti & family
Tennis Week, Director of Special Advertising

We were anticipating our Disney World vacation with mixed emotions. On one hand, we were excited about what Disney had to offer, but we dreaded being overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it all. We had no idea how we would manage to find the attractions that would be best for us in the few days we had available. We knew we needed help!

We have friends who used the Disney VIP tour guides, and we had decided to engage their service until we found your web site. We found irresistible your offer of more comprehensive services.

That was one of the smartest decisions we ever made! We opted for your full service VIP Tour complete with Private Driver, and we had to do nothing else! We didn't do any preparation or familiarization at all, other than to exchange a few e-mails with you. From that bit of information, you seemed to develop a sixth sense about the things that interested us. We feel we experienced the ‘best of the best,’ and we loved the ‘hidden’ things that most tourists don't know about. We were spellbound by your seemingly limitless knowledge of little-known Disney facts, statistics and stories.

We were amazed that, due to your ability to maximize the Disney experience, we rarely had to wait in line for anything, even though the parks were very crowded during our visit! You always seemed to find the best seats and viewing locations, the easiest entrances and exits, and the best places to eat with little waiting!

Best of all, you truly made us feel like VIPs. Thank you for a wonderful experience we will always remember.

Mike Mills & family
Dallas, TX

Thank you for your E-mail. Hearing from Michael's VIPs is like still having a little bit of Orlando, and that’s a very good feeling because we had such a wonderful time there! Our VIP Private Guide was amazing and made our visit very easy and comfortable while we explored all the parks of Walt Disney World and the Islands of Adventure.

As I told you, we had never had such an experience. If we had to decide again we would definitely make the same choice! You were our ‘organizer expert’ so that we could relax and enjoy the parks to their maximum. We were amazed at how little we had to wait for anything, even during the busy Easter week.

Michael's VIPs is a great service. It was also a pleasure for us to get to know you, and through you, learn about your people, your country, and its mentality. We will definitely see you again when we return for our next vacation!

Paulette & family
Berlin, Germany

I am pleased to take this time to say thank you for the best vacation that the four of us have ever had at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. There is only one word to describe it … “Wow!"

In our wildest imagination, we could not have expected how wonderful it was going to be. I don’t know where to start, as there are so many things to comment about. I have been to Disney theme parks more than 20 times, but I never experienced it from the eyes of a Disney insider. You pointed out features that were right in front of our eyes for years and we never saw them. The trivia and tidbits of information about everything were fascinating.

Your connections and knowledge saved us hours of time. By the end of the trip, we began to feel sorry for the thousands of Disney guests that could not experience the park the way we did.

The highlight of the trip was surely the spectacular view we had watching the Magic Kingdom's fireworks in total privacy from the Grand Floridian's yacht, the Grand 1, at the best spot on the lake while we sipped wine and ate chocolate covered strawberries. Nice touch!

We must admit that Myra and I both were hesitant about scheduling your time to be with us every day, all day for a full week. We wondered if we would have any privacy or would we all be comfortable together, and would it be fun with our six-year-old son. After having been with you for just one day, we were convinced we made the right choice. By the end of the week, we did not have one single regret or one thing we disliked. You really learn and understand people’s desires very quickly.

Don’t think we missed any of your detail planning. We think we saw it all … right down to the fact that you even had the appropriate music playing in the van to get us in the right mood for the park and to recap nice memorable events of the day as you drove us back to the hotel.

The only thing we constantly wondered about was what other surprises you had in that mysterious backpack you carried around all day. I will only say that you think of absolutely everything for every situation, including communication, safety, entertainment, comfort, and security of your guests. You undoubtedly learned this from escorting many well-known and prominent VIPs over the years at Walt Disney World. It seemed as though you were watching out for us every single minute of the day regarding everything we did.

We were also impressed with your intelligence and great general knowledge on a variety of subjects other than Disney. Your experience and education is very diverse.

Michael, we feel that we not only found a real gem, we feel like we also found a new friend. We never want to visit Walt Disney World or the central Florida area again without you, nor without having you to handle the complete Disney vacation for us. We are confident that one day, Michael's VIPs will be a household name. There is no service that we have ever seen like it.

When I first saw your slogan “We Provide the Ultimate Vacation Experience," my first response was to think, “Yeah, right." After getting to know you, having you escort us, and plan our entire stay at WDW, I am now embarrassed to admit I doubted it. The slogan is an understatement.

From Myra, Derek, and me, thank you so much for your planning, pampering, intelligent conversation, honesty, dependability and a hundred other things that won’t fit in this letter. Most of all… thank you for that “Ultimate Vacation Experience."

Richard Hamilton & family
President, Cyber Innovations Corp.

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